I think I learned something last night. A decrease at the end of the needle is not necessarily the first and last stitch; it’s at the stitch next to the first and/or last stitch. I’ve seen quite a few patterns that call for a decrease at one or both ends of the needle every n rows. I had made a few swatches and was following the instructions literally and then tried it on the second and next to last stitch and I think the appearance is better.

I still have a lot to learn and the difference between the first/last stitch and the one next to it is probably obvious to those who have been knitting a while but for me it’s still trial and learning. I’m hoping that I’ll eventually get the hang of it and reading patterns will become more obvious. For know, it’s scarves and swatches for me.

Happy Hooking!

It’s been years since I posted here and I thought an update was needed. All of the knitting machines have been sold because just didn’t have tome to use them. I’ve now gone back to old fashioned hand knitting and have made a couple of scarfs and worked on a few stitches. Hopefully I’ll complete something and post some pictures in the future.

Happy knitting

I’ve been thru the basics of operation and made several test pieces and they all came out right. I can’t belive all the information that I got with the machine. The one thing I was missing, and I really wanted, was the cable to go between the PC and the console. I had to go back to the lady’s house that I bought it from to pick up some more goodies and we found the cable. I also got about 25 lbs of Yoeman yarn to start using.

On to what I learned

  1. Knitting tubular CX/LX for a bunch of rows and then switching over to N/GX for about twenty rows and then to GX/N creates openings in the tube for armholes or whatever. You can then go back to tubular and decrease to form a neck. Instant sleevless sweater.
  2. There is a little box mounted on the left side of my console with a switch. It has a handwritten lable that says “Up Normal”. I spent about an hour trying to get my USB/Serial adaptor working and trying to download a pattern into the console. No luck. I finally figured out that the little switch has to be down for the pattern downloads to work. Tomorrow I am going to try and make a holiday afghan.

That’s it for today. Hopefully I’ll get the afghan mad and can post some pics.

I’m so excited. I went and met Barbara Scanlon my new Passap teacher today and I told her that I wanted to buy a Passap E6000 and asked if she knew anyone who may be willing to part with theirs. She informed that she did and we went and picked it up. I got a great machine at a great price along with more accessories, pattern books, pattern disks, books, magazines, guides, instructions, and stuff than I ever thought existed.

I just finished setting it up and am starting to go through the tutorials. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of the machine and swatches to show soon.

I found a Passap Duomatic 80 operations manual on eBay for $6.00 and that has helped alot with the basics. Not a very good manual for making things but it sure helps alot with setting things up and understanding how they work. One of the big things I learned is that the Edge Springs go *on* the last needles and NOT *beside* them.

On page 7 on the manual it says, “Two on each bed: They must be always be placed on the edge needles in working position their latches closed.“. 

This makes a much nicer edge than having them beside the edge needles as I had been doing. One thing that may still have me confused is that the picture shows a needle on the *outside* of the Edge Spring with its latch closed also. This may indicate that the Edge Spring goes on the second needle from the inside but somehow I don’t think that’s right. I’ll knit a swatch and see what differance it makes.

First Knitted Hat

First Knitted Hat

I found a Passap Duomatic 80 (Green) on Craigslist and finally decided that it was time to move up from the Bond USM. I was naturally a bit nervous since I knew nothing aout the machine and finding help on the Internet was not as easy as the Japenses models like Brother.  I got the machine from the original  owner who knitted a single sock and some swatches on it. It has the Deco attachment and card reader but no cards and, of course, no instructions for the machine. She did have “The Passap Handbook – Beginner Course” and that has been a bit helpful.

I tried making a sock from a video I found on Youtube but when it came time to transfer the stictches with the decker comb I realized I don’t have one. Another call to the previous owner and she thinks she has found it along with the Passap Form Computer. Hopefully I’ll pick that up and a few more goodies from her this weekend after she goes thru her closets.

On to the good stuff ….. I finally figured out how to set it up and thread the yarn and it knits GREAT. A 1000% better than the Bond plastic machine. So far I’ve made 1×1 ribbed swatches that unraveled because I didn’t know how to cast off.

And finally, on just the first day I managed to complete a ribbed hat. I’ll try and post some pictures later.

Well I thought I would  make this Lacy Thong from Interweave as a gift for my wife and got as far as far as the waistband where you CO 50 sts. I’m just not sure what to do here and am confused if you cast the stitches on a circular needle or keep working sith the straight needles. If any of you experts come across this and can offer some advice or addtional instructions for the waistband it would be much appreciated.

UPDATE: I did a bit more searching on Google and figured it out. I finished the first one but alas … a twist in the waistband. Now that I have the thing worked out I’ve started another one and hopefully will find the time to complete it and get some pictures posted.

Happy Hooking!

This is my first post on this blog and its not really about anything at all. I just made it so there wouldn’t be a blank page. I’ll post all of my Knot & Crochet stuff here. Happy Hooking!